Welcome to the Official Website of Andrei Jarell Vedad

Andrei Jarell Vedad wearing Formal attire during Alumni party

Greetings, I’m Andrei Jarell Vedad and welcome to my website. Hailing from Baler, Aurora in the Philippines.

Gamer, Writer, and Information Technology Consultant, those are some of the things to describe me. You can learn more about me here.

Andrei Jarell Vedad, the Blogger

Andrei Jarell Vedad Hiking at Baler Lighthouse

Recently, I took an interest in blogging and I created this website for that reason. It is for me to share with the world what I see with my eyes.

With that in mind, you will see on this website some blog posts regarding my thoughts, from the good to the bad. Hopefully, only good things.

I’m not an outdoor type of person and that I’m not used to interacting with people. With that in mind, I created this website for me to do the exact opposite, I will go out to the world and explore what I can and meet new people.

This, I swear, that I will stay true to my word, for my word is my bond.

Information Technology Consultant

As stated here, I studied Information Technology and earned my Bachelor’s Degree at Adamson University.

I can say in confidence that I’m quite knowledgeable in that field.

You can rely on me in regards to that subject as an Information Technology Consultant. I can also offer my skills in graphic designing, web development, database management, and programming.

Contact me if you require my assistance.